Aims of the Foundation

Our center was established according to 7th and 14th items of Higher Education Law, 04.11.1981 date and 2547 numbered. Our centre has the following aims:

- To teach Turkish , to open branches to advertise Turkey and Turkish culture , to teach Turkish to foreigners , Turkish children abroad and people willing to learn Turkish.

- To carry out mutual educational , instructional , research , practice and publication activities with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Ministry of Education , the related units of universities and other public institutions within the framework of mutual agreements signed by the Turkish Government.

- To start courses for instructors and teachers assigned by the Ministry of Education and the related ministries to teach Turkish within the country and abroad; to provide training facilities, to prepare guides about the countries they will work in.

- To give rewards to the instructors and teachers within the country and abroad to encourage them to teach Turkish better and to advertise Turkey.

- To organize courses for students who come to our country with state scholarships from Turkish Republics within the framework of the Great Student Project; private students from Turkish communities and students from European, Asian, African  and Middle East countries who wish to study in Turkey and foreigners who are in Turkey for trade-industry and diplomatic purposes.