Fields of Activity

- To prepare programmes and develop methods on the instruction and teaching of Turkish as a mother language , to carry out coordinated activities on this with the related national and foreign institutions

- To carry out studies to develop language teaching methods used in the Turkish Language and Literature, and Philology departments at universities.

- To prepare films and videos and to publish books and booklets that advertise Turkey and teach Turkish with the collaboration of the Ministry of Tourism , the Ministry of Culture, YTB, Yunus Emre Institute and TRT.

- To provide vocational practice courses for the graduates and senior students of Turkish Language and Literature Departments.

- To carry out comparative studies between Turkish and other foreign languages to make Turkish language teaching more productive.

- To carry out research and practice on language teaching methods.

- To organize short adaptation courses for Turkish children living abroad so that they can learn Turkish better.

- To do translations in various languages and to have interactions with state institutions about this.