Registration & Fee

If you want to be a student (undergraduate, master or PhD) in Turkey you should apply Turkish Embassy in your country for Turkish Scholarships. (Click)

You can also come and learn Turkish language at ESOGÜ TÖMER in Turkey as a private student.

For the private student:

If you register at our institution, we will send you an official letter of invitation so you can get a residence permit in Turkey. (Attention Please)

First of all please fill in the Application Form and send our e-mail ( We are going to response your e-mail.

You should pay the fee and send your receipt our e-mail ( Then we will send your official letter of invitation signed by Rector of Eskişehir Osmangazi University. So you can take your residence permit of studying at ESOGÜ TÖMER for a year. You need B2 or C1 level Turkish Language Certificate for studying at Turkish universities. After you took your certificate you should take YÖS exam to choose a department.


Our course fee is 2400$ (Equivalent Turkish Liras) (Includes 960 hours course for A1+A2+B1+B2+C1 levels, exams, books&CD, cultural sightseeings, activities). If you don't need C1 you can pay 2000$ (Equivalent Turkish Liras). 

Please contact us for the fees of special levels and account numbers. 


Bank: T.C. Ziraat Bank Eskişehir Branch Office 

IBAN: TR300001000117400130766061

Attention: Statements of name, surname and course name (A1, A2, B1 etc.) should be written on receipt. Please advise the bank officer.

Registration Documents:

1. Application Form (Click)

2. Payment Receipt

3. Residence Permit

4. Passport (Photocopy)

5. Photo (6 pieces)